v0.2 Release!

A new update for Berry Street's demo is here! While there is no expansion to the story from the previous build, I can guarantee that there's still stuff worth checking out, including, but not limited to:

Updated Sprites!

The sprites of Berry Street have received some makeovers. Some more than others, differences were made nonetheless!

New Custom Assets!

All but one of Berry Street's music tracks are custom-made, and loads of new custom backgrounds have been added, giving an overall better idea of how the final product will feel!

Lots of Spelling and Grammar Changes!

Fun fact: I apparently didn't know that 'embarrassed' had two 'r's in it! On top of that embarrassing mistake, other spelling and writing changes have been made!

Other Secret Goodies!
Some new features inside and outside the game have been added!

Whether you're playing Berry Street's demo for the first time or are checking out the new changes, Berry Street is one step closer to completion! And if you'd like to help support that completion, consider checking out the official Patreon page for the project! You'll receive rewards such as getting test builds early, behind-the-scenes-content, and even your name in the game!

Thank you all for your support! The creativity train is going forward at full speed now!


Berry Street Demo (PC) 157 MB
Version 0.2 May 01, 2019
Berry Street Demo (Mac) 139 MB
Version 0.2 May 01, 2019

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